"It's a feature that a lot of people wanted."

Love Game

An uber-popular turn-based RPG wanted to introduce a dating feature — but the people making it didnt' have enough experience to make it work.

As Games Radar reports, the developers behind the Korean indie game Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children admitted that although they'd had no problem creating a dramatic dystopian world, adding a realistic dating simulation has been a sticking point.

Released in full in 2020 by the game studio Dandylion, Troubleshooter takes place in the crime-riddled and dystopian city of Valhalla where users play as private mercenaries. Per reviews and descriptions, the game seems to have almost everything: action, intrigue, drama, trauma, and hidden agendas. All it lacks, as users have pointed out more than once since its release, is romance — a shortcoming the developers are now saying they're ill-equipped to address.

In response to a user review on Steam for the game about it lacking a "waifu dating system," Dandylion acknowledged the sorry state of affairs going on behind the scenes.

"Dating system... it's a feature that a lot of people wanted," the developer wrote back. "But my team members... have no experience with it, even in real life...."

Loneliest Number

Elsewhere online, folks took notice of the sad — and hilarious — developer response in a viral post screenshotting the exchange on X-formerly-Twitter.

"We can build a feature to ride a dragon but not go on a date, because we have no experience with that," quipped game designer Ben Pielstick, whose resume includes titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic. "A date might be harder to imagine these days I suppose."

While it's certainly a shame to imagine the loveless lives of the six devs that seem to make up Dandylion's team, it's clear from the responses and quote-tweets of the review screenshot that gamers were charmed by their honesty.

"Gaming can be saved if every dev was like this," one X user posted.

"I’ve never wishlisted a game so fast based on a Steam review before," joked another.

Honesty, as this scenario shows us, is the best policy — especially if your audience is likely to relate.

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