First the pandemic, now this.

Tesla Experience

Hopefully you're sitting down for this, because it won't be easy to hear. 2020 has been hard enough as it is.

Mattel has just announced that it's delaying the delivery of its Hot Wheels remote-controlled Cybertrucks, Bloomberg reports. You'll have to wait until May 2021 — a delay that'll give customers "the real Tesla experience," as The Verge quipped in reference to the automaker's many production delays in the past.

Tesla and Mattel announced the toys back in February — smashed window sticker and all — and they were meant to be shipped in time for Christmas.

Pint-Sized Edition

The toys come in two models: one 1:64 scale model that went on sale for just $20, while a much larger 1:10 scale model is going for a significantly steeper $400.

Each comes with its own tiny battery pack, powering an all-wheel drive train and even functioning head and taillights.

The fully featured 1:1 scale model will still be going on sale starting at just shy of $70,000 in late 2021 — at least according to Tesla's current plan. A cheaper rear-wheel drive only variant will arrive some time in 2022.

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