"Are you really coming?"

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Instead of going through the tedium of talking to women himself, Moscow local Aleksandr Zhadan used an AI chatbot based on OpenAI's large language models to romance over 5,000 women on Tinder on his behalf.

Unsurprisingly, there were some dehumanizing growing pains with his dating bot. As Forbes reports, the AI program scheduled a date with a woman at the local Contemporary Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow — without actually informing Zhadan.

The poor woman showed up at the venue and texted the bot to see if Zhadan was still planning to make an appearance. In an even more unfortunate turn of events, the bot reassured her that he was on his way, apologizing.

"I am inside," the woman texted the bot, as translated by Forbes. "Are you really coming?"

"Yes, I am sure I am coming," the bot responded. "Sorry for the delay. Will be there soon."

Love Language Model

In an interview last week, Zhadan told Gizmodo that the bot even promised to bring chocolate and flowers to a date with a different woman. Unaware of the promise, Zhadan showed up empty-handed, and the woman wisely decided to move on.

Despite those glaring bugs, Zhadan claims he found the love of his life, Karina Vyalshakaeva, with his Tinder bot in late 2022.

Vyalshakaeva didn't know she was talking to a bot at first. After finding out about his AI-enabled ruse around six months later, the 22-year-old had questions.

"I really was shocked," she told Forbes. "Because in that moment, I analyzed all the messages in my head! Like, when did he answer me? And when did the bot answer me? And what is the difference?"

After the AI recommended that Zhadan and Vyalshakaeva get married, he eventually decided to follow its advice.

The pair are planning to tie the knot in August, but have agreed not to use an AI to write their vows.

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