They wanted him to WHAT?!

Tesla Flambé

After a California man's Tesla Model Y burst into flames, he contacted Tesla's customer service, who gave him a bonkers response: bring the fire-wrecked vehicle to a customer service center, according to Business Insider.

Bishal Malla's ordeal with Tesla started earlier this month when the California resident was done running errands in his Tesla and started his trip home. As he started to drive onto the highway, his white vehicle started shaking, Malla told reporters at the NBC-affiliated KCRA 3.

At first, Malla thought his Tesla had suffered a flat tire. But then he saw smoke coming from the bottom of the vehicle. Soon it turned into a large conflagration which completely wrecked the car, with firefighters unable to save anything.

"I am speechless at the moment," he said during an on-the-spot TV interview with KCRA 3.

Flame Broiled

Things got even weirder afterwards, when Malla contacted Tesla customer service multiple times but found it hard to get any help. Finally, he managed to make contact with a customer representative who "had an audacity to tell me to take my fully burned Tesla to the Tesla recommended servicing center," Malla wrote on Reddit.

"My car was fully salvaged and a total loss," Malla wrote. "How in the world am I going to do that? Phewww."

Malla's insurance is covering the damages, but he's still fuming. His children were thankfully not in the car, but they could have been. After his ordeal, Malla told TV news reporters he won't buy another electrical vehicle.

"I am just stunned that a billion dollar company won’t do a single follow up when their product [was] destroyed like this in the middle of the road," he told fellow Redditors. "That’s what it hurts the most."

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