Luckily, nobody got hurt.

Fire in Shanghai

A CCTV video has been making its rounds on Chinese media since the weekend that shows a Tesla Model S catching fire in a Shanghai parking lot.

The car in question first starts to heavily smoke from below, before catching fire in a big ball of light and flame. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown — but the incident illustrates the perils that ubiquitous cameras pose for prominent brands.

Fire Watch

It's not the first Tesla fire Futurism has reported on. Most recently, a man died after crashing a 2016 Tesla Model S into a tree in Miami, Florida in February, according to local news.

In an official response on Chinese social media site Weibo, Tesla wrote that "after learning about the accident that occurred in Shanghai, we sent the team to the scene last night. We are actively contacting relevant departments and supporting the verification."

Bad Timing

The timing of the video couldn't come at a worse time.

Tesla has been betting billions of dollars on expanding sales to the Chinese market — construction of Tesla's $2 billion Gigafactory in Shanghai, for instance, started earlier this year.

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