Your Tesla will "keep tabs" on any components that need replacing by itself.


A new update pushed to Tesla vehicles includes a "live issue detection" feature, which enables them to "keep tabs on certain components to let you know if they need replacing and order parts ahead of your next service visit," according to a company statement sent to Electrek.

Once the vehicle figures out which replacement part it needs, it pre-orders it to the closest Tesla Service Center. Owners can then schedule a visit through the Tesla app.

Parts to Spare

During a Q4 2018 earnings call earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk reiterated that the company's first priority is "improving service operations." He even called some of the company's processes when it comes to supply chain efficiency "super dumb" during the call, according to Teslarati.

Tesla is also rolling out a new service scheduling feature on its app and a live issue detection feature that can call a tow truck, as well as bringing more bodywork in-house, Electrek reported.

It's a proactive approach to servicing a car in need of repair. Chances are that it could shorten the time until vehicles can get back on the road — but the update itself doesn't magically fix any inefficiencies in Tesla's supply chain management.

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