Even Apple supports Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter

A new iPhone update prompts anyone who tells the built-in AI assistant Siri that "all lives matter" to visit BlackLivesMatter.com.

The update is the latest gesture Apple has offered to the Black Lives Matter movement, AppleInsider reports. Now, anyone who tells Siri that all lives matter will get a response explaining the fundamental difference between the two phrases — as well as urging them to read and educate themselves on the issue.

Rolling Out

The update has already started to launch, according to iMore. As it rolls out, anyone who says "all lives matter" to Siri will get the following response:

"'All Lives Matter' is often used in response to the phrase 'Black Lives Matter', but it does not represent the same concerns. To learn more about the Black Lives Matter human rights movement, visit BlackLivesMatter.com."

Rapid Update

The new message comes after other symbolic gestures from Apple.

The company also quickly updated Apple Maps to show the "Black Lives Matter" street mural in Washington DC, and highlighted black app developers and promoting apps focused on racial justice during a "Black Out Tuesday" event last week.

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