"I did add a cross below the original to nullify any unholy juju."

Tatted Up

A guy just got what may be the world's first tattoo created by an AI. Staffers who worked on the neural network confirmed a Twitter user's photo was, indeed, at least the first created by its program DALL-E2.

DALL-E2 was created by OpenAI and turns natural human language into realistic photos and art. While it unfortunately isn't able to whip up the fantasy porn of your dreams, it did create the simple line art in Everett Randle's tattoo, which features a fanciful letter "A," a cross and an arrow.

The Twitter user posted a photo of the new ink yesterday and tagged OpenAI's creator.

"Boom - as far as I know (and I’ve done exactly 0 minutes of extensive research on this) the first tattoo designed by an AI," Randle said online.

Peter Welinder, veep of product for Open AI, also confirmed it was DALL-E2's first ink art in a separate tweet.

Think Ahead

A few AI enthusiasts worried over whether OpenAI had accidentally created some kind of branding machine.

"You typed in “first tattoo designed by DALL-E 2” and that’s what it created? No other description? I sense the beginning of a cult," one Twitter used said under the post of the original image Randle got tattooed.

Not to worry though, because Randle thought about the possibility of getting an accidental demonic symbol ahead of time.

"Yes I did add a cross below the original to nullify any unholy juju," he said online yesterday.

So yeah, he's definitely got that covered.

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