"Seeing the future literally put me at a loss for words."

Smart Contact

Mojo Vision, a California-based startup, has shown off a "feature-complete" prototype of its augmented reality smart contact lens — and this time you can actually wear it, in your eye, like a contact.

In fact, CEO Drew Perkins says he's already worn the prototype contact — which successfully augmented his vision thanks to a tiny MicroLED display — in his left eye for an hour at a time. It's an impressive new development for the tech, as until now, Mojo Vision's prototype lenses had to be held up in front of the eye.

"We've now taken that first step," Perkins told CNET. "And it's very exciting."

Eye Screen

Mojo Vision is hoping to integrate an entire "eye-based UI" into an AR ecosystem that would "provide discreet access to the information you need throughout your day — all while letting you look like yourself," a company blog post by Perkins published last week reads.

It could serve as a stealthy teleprompter, for instance, or track your workout, or discretely show you directions.

Not only does the contact include a tiny MicroLED screen with 14,000 pixels per inch — the "world’s smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content" at less than 0.5 mm in diameter, according to Perkins — but it also features an Arm microprocessor, a short-range radio, and even a fleshed-out motion tracking system.

For now, the system still requires Perkins to wear a processor pack around his neck that acts as a data relay between the lens and a computer.

While the project is still a long way out from becoming a consumer product, the CEO is calling the early prototype a breakthrough for the company's efforts.

"Seeing the future literally put me at a loss for words," he wrote in his blog post. "For the entire team, this represents a major step towards the potential for Mojo Lens to improve the lives of millions of people."

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