Are jetpacks ready for prime time?

Jetpack Sale

California-based startup JetPack Aviation is selling two of its jetpack units, for $400,000 apiece, to an "undisclosed military customer in South-East Asia," New Atlas reports.

The model, called the JB-12, features three small jet turbines on each side, allowing for redundancy if anything goes wrong. It weighs in at a whopping 105 pounds and is capable of accelerating its wearer to 120 mph.

It's a sign that jetpack technologies are ripening to the point at which military contractors are starting to show real interest. Even the US Department of Defense is officially looking into the potential military applications of jetpacks, according to an announcement made back in March.

Agility Training

The sale is a milestone for the commercial jetpack company.

"The ratification of this deal demonstrates that the JB12 JetPack provides defense forces with exceptional aerial capabilities to fulfil a wide array of mission requirements," CEO and chief pilot David Mayman told New Atlas. "The maneuverability of the JetPack, its small form factor, which fits inside a set of standard Pelican cases, and ease of integration with our Speeder platform to complement the JB12’s capabilities, were all factors that informed the sale."

The JB12 jetpacks are far from perfect, however. They're extremely loud thanks to their six jet turbines, and require quite a bit of leg work to get in the air, according to New Atlas. That makes them a rather unusual addition to a military force.

The unnamed customer is likely looking to have individual units be extremely light on their feet and allow them to traverse extremely difficult terrain.

But we're unlikely to hear many details about the sale — after all, the buyer is remaining anonymous.

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