"Good paint can!"

Another Success

SpaceX has done it again.

The sixth full-scale prototype of its massive Starship spacecraft has "hopped" to 150 meters (492 feet) during a test at the company's test site in Boca Chica, Texas today.

It's the experimental space vehicle's second hop: on August 4, SpaceX pulled off a similar feat with its SN5 Starship prototype.

"Cool As Hell"

Just like last time, it was quite the sight. Like a gigantic water tower, the massive stainless steel structure rose out of a huge plume of smoke before gently returning back to the ground.

"This looks simultaneously cool as hell and fucking ridiculous," tweeted Ars Technica senior space reporter Eric Berger following the first hop on August 4.

This time, SN6 appeared to be at a bit of an angle post landing.

"She's leaning a bit, but they'll take that," Chris Bergin, NASASpaceFlight's managing editor, wrote in a tweet. "Probably a leg, but no big deal. The up and down part is what counts."

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