"Have you been to a part of space where this camouflage would blend in?"

Camo M. G.

On Friday, the United States Space Force tweeted out a photo that was supposed to show off its first utility uniform nametapes, embroidered patches spelling out "U.S. Space Force" in blue thread.

But what caught the attention of the Twittersphere was the uniform behind the patch, which was the exact same brown and green camouflage design worn by members of the Army and Air Force.

Snark Attack

Most of the reactions poked fun at the idea of using a pattern designed to let soldiers blend in with dirt and foliage for a military branch tasked with protecting the area far above the Earth.

"Have you been to a part of space where this camouflage would blend in?" former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub tweeted in response to the photo.

"Unclear on why there’s a need for camouflage...in space..." actor George Takei wrote in his own reply.

Matchy Matchy

While it's easy to laugh at the idea of camouflage in space, the Space Force replied to the comments on Saturday with a couple of legitimate reasons for sticking with the familiar uniforms.

"USSF is utilizing current Army/Air Force uniforms, saving costs of designing/producing a new one," it wrote in one tweet, adding in another that "Space Operators are on the ground, on Earth working with joint partners like the @usairforce  and @USArmy. Hence utilizing their uniform."

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