Here's Johnny!

Here's Jimmy

Someone has finally done it: they used machine learning to superimpose the face of Jim Carrey onto Jack Nicholson's character in Stanley Kubrick's iconic 1980 adaptation of Stephen King's "The Shining."

Let's be real, though — you just want to see it:

Daddy's Home

It's a fun clip — and, in terms of mapping Carrey's face onto Nicholson's complex performance, one of the most impressive deepfakes we've seen.

But the clip, by the pseudonymous content creator Ctrl Shift Face, also points to the inherent tensions of deep learning media synthesis. It's a tech that doesn't take a lot of deep computing know-how — Ctrl Shift Face, for instance, said that they used a common open source tool called DeepFaceLab to create the vid. At the same time, the tech can be used for ill — showing people saying things they never did, or even automatically removing clothing from photos.

What we know for sure: deepfakes, which can remix anything from a home video to an award-winning Hollywood performance, are here to stay.

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