Nobody, not even SBF, deserves to go without.

Animal Instinct

Sam "SBF" Bankman-Fried is apparently having a bad time in jail because, as his lawyers said in court this week, he's getting neither his meat substitutes nor his Adderall.

As CNBC reports, SBF's attorneys are mighty mad that the disgraced crypto scion is being treated like any other inmate at Brooklyn's Metropolitan Detention Center, which four-and-a-half years ago made headlines for leaving its prisoners to freeze in unheated cells during record low temperatures.

According to the FTX founder's lawyers, Bankman-Fried — a known vegan — is "subsisting on bread and water" and "sometimes peanut butter" because the jail keeps offering him only "flesh meals." He's also not been given his Adderall prescription regularly, SBF's lawyers alleged.

After being remanded to jail earlier this month for allegedly tampering with a former lover slash witness by leaking her private documents to the New York Times, a judge ordered the Metropolitan Detention Center to give him his ADHD medication, though given that there's a nationwide Adderall shortage, the correctional authorities might be having some difficulties coughing up.

Criminal Conditions

While it's indeed egregious that the onetime crypto wunderkind is being forced to go without proper food or medication, it's telling that outlets like the New York Post are suddenly concerned about the way inmates are treated ,now when it's increasingly well-known that people in jail have to contend with grossly inhumane conditions and human rights abuses as they await trial.

It's undeniably wrong that SBF is having to go without while incarcerated — just as it's not right for anyone to have to live in the horrific conditions of jailhouses and prisons.

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