Leaked videos offer a sneak peek at NEON.

Artificial Humans

Since mid-December, Samsung has been teasing "artificial humans" through a project called NEON, promising to reveal details at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

Well, CES is still a day away, but newly leaked videos and a tweet from NEON's project leader provide a sneak peek at the project — and suggest that it might just live up to Samsung's hype.

Clone Wars

On Saturday, Reddit user Saniska posted links to several videos of Samsung's artificial humans they found hidden in the source code for the NEON website.

Reddit has since removed the links, but not before a YouTube channel compiled the videos' contents into a single clip. And based on that video, below, NEON appears to center on the creation of incredibly lifelike digital avatars for existing people.

Seeing Double

A tweet shared by NEON project leader Pranav Mistry on Sunday seems to confirm the leak. It features two almost identical images of one person, but the cryptic text implies that one of the images is computer-generated.

"Ready to demo CORE R3," Mistry wrote alongside the photos. "It can now autonomously create new expressions, new movements, new dialog (even in Hindi), completely different from the original captured data."

We won't know just how impressive NEON actually is, though, until Samsung presents the tech — but with CES kicking off tomorrow, we don't have long to wait.

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