This is pretty impressive, from an engineering point of view.

Bot Handy

South Korean tech giant Samsung has teased its new domestic household helper robot at this year's virtual-only CES.

The company showed a new video in which the robot, which has the eyebrow-raising name "Bot Handy," taking on one of the most odious tasks in a kitchen: loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

AI Everything

Bot Handy is one of three new Samsung robots. A second is meant to be a cross between a smart vacuum and a security camera, while the third is meant to be a robotic assistant and companion.

The idea is to have these robots get ahead of your everyday needs before they even pop into your head.

"Our world looks different, and many of you have been faced with a new reality — one where, among other things, your home has taken on a greater significance," head of Samsung Research Sebastian Seung said during today's announcement, as quoted by CNET.

"Our innovations are designed to provide more personal and more intuitive experiences that express your personality," Seung added.

Future Visions

So what do Samsung's innovations look like in practice?

At the end of the day, this is still CES, which has a storied history of showcasing technology that never makes it to market — meaning it's unclear if any of these robots will actually ever go into production.

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