It features custom-made sounds by DJ Jazzy Jeff. Yes, really.

Spicy Tech

The list of things a grill needs to be able to do is pretty short: cook food and make anyone standing next to it look sufficiently outdoorsy.

We never gave much thought to the things a grill doesn't need to be able to do — until, at least, we heard about spice manufacturer McCormick's new AI-powered concept grill.

Jazz Hands

The SUMR HITS 5000 is rife with touch sensors and webcams that work with computer vision and machine learning software to create a soundtrack to the act of grilling, adding noises and melodies custom-made by — wait for it — frequent Will Smith collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Move a burger from one spot to another, and the AI-powered grill triggers a noise. Remove a condiment from its assigned spot, and you'll hear another. Shake some spice over your food, and you'll literally hear what sounds like a powder shaking.

Junk Food

To be fair, the SUMR HITS 5000 isn't meant for actual use — just like pretty much every other "concept" anything — but its creators really went above and beyond to incorporate AI in completely unnecessary ways.

This grill is over-the-top, and its use of AI totally unnecessary — but hey, at least it's giving DJ Jazzy Jeff something to do.

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