"I wanted to do something that stood out."

Résumé Revamp

Members of Gen Z are now entering the workforce, and they're bringing their bitmojis with them.

According to a new Wall Street Journal story, young people are attempting to make their résumés stand out to potential employers by eschewing the traditional bullet-pointed, black-and-white format for documents with far more flair — adding color photographs, logos, and even their cartoon avatars.

New Normal

The crafters of these creative CVs seem hopeful that their efforts will be worthwhile — and that we won't be going back to the boring résumés of old any time soon.

"I wanted to do something that stood out," Valentino Bogliacino Bueno, a 23-year-old whose résumé includes a headshot, told the WSJ. "I feel like this is what the future of résumés is going to be."

Trash Pile

However, while bitmojis and photos may draw a recruiter's eye, the embellishments might end up doing more harm than good.

"Photos belong on your personal social-media accounts and online-dating profiles, not your résumé," Katie Burke, chief people officer for software company HubSpot, told the WSJ. "What you look like has zero impact on what you can do in a role, so photos, bitmojis and other gimmicks often detract from someone’s candidacy versus adding to it."

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