"Men love crypto, monkey NFTs, and speculative assets because they appeal to men’s risk-prone brains."


Crypto fiends have been bad, bad boys — and one porn star is finally putting them in their place.

In an essay for The Daily Beast, adult film actor Cherie DeVille describes why she decided to drop a video of her dominating a man out of buying non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrency, encouraging him instead to invest in more stable financial instruments.

"Men are basically pussy-blind to cryptocurrencies," DeVille wrote. "So, I decided to teach them a lesson or two with my actual pussy."

In the clip, pegged towards Tax Day and intent on inspiring better investments among the less-fair sex, DeVille stars as "Suze Whorman," the titular financial advisor a couple comes to after a distraught wife gets fed up with her husband's expensive NFT addiction.

"The video sounds ridiculous, but we need to act silly to straighten out male finances," DeVille bemoans. "Men love crypto, monkey NFTs, and speculative assets because they appeal to men’s risk-prone brains."


While DeVille's tongue-in-cheek assessment of the masculine urge to gamble away money is a humorous means of marketing for her latest project, it's also interesting to see a prominent figure in the world of adult entertainment push back against NFTs, in the face of much of the industry embracing them.

Entire marketplaces are springing up to let individual performers cash in on the craze, which makes some sense given that creating bespoke content has been a thing in the porn industry since long before OnlyFans came around.

Given the, uh, pump and dump schemes that play particularly well among the crypto-loving crowd of adult entertainers and their fans, that makes DeVille's gambit all the bolder.

"What do men love more than gambling? Sex," she wrote for the Beast. "I’m educating through porn because it will get males’ attention."

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