Warning: The video is graphic.

Deadly Speed

A Tesla in China was captured on video killing two people and injuring three others in an alleged brake malfunction — and now, the company is working with Chinese authorities to figure out what, exactly, went so tragically wrong.

As Reuters reports, Tesla has publicly affirmed that it's working with police in the province of Guangdong to investigate the accident, which occurred earlier in November. The out-of-control driver killed a teen girl and a motorcyclist, reports note.

As the disturbing CCTV videos of the accident show, the Model Y was seen speeding through the streets of a town called Chaozhou, with the driver jerking past several cars and motorcycles before plowing into a cyclist and then careening into a building.

Talk Is Cheap

With the horrific video of the incident going viral, rumors have begun swirling about what really could have happened — and Tesla itself is cautioning against believing unsubstantiated hearsay, which include claims that the unnamed driver didn't hit the brakes at all.

"Police are currently seeking a third party appraisal agency to identify the truth behind this accident," Tesla told Reuters in a statement, "and we will actively provide any necessary assistance."

China's Jimu News has reported that a family member of the unnamed man claimed he was having issues with the Model Y's brakes — a claim complicated by Tesla's own assertion that the vehicle log did not show that the brake had been applied and that instead, the accelerator was pressed for most of the incident, as Electrek reports.

Brake Light

This isn't Tesla's first foray with alleged brake and accelerator issues either in China or stateside, Electrek notes. The issue got bad enough, in fact, that the company published a blog post in January 2020 assuring customers that "there is no 'unintended acceleration' in Tesla vehicles."

It's too soon to tell if the accident was the result of a technological malfunction or a human one, but it's doing no favors for the company's public perception.

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