"Enjoy it babes."

Party Party

An event invite startup that bills itself as "Facebook events for hot people" has admitted that it won't be turning a profit with the money investors put into it.

In a very matter-of-fact post, the company declared on Twitter that the venture "will not make money," that the app has "no pitch at scale" and a small target market with little opportunity for growth.

"Investors gave us money to help u party and that is what we are here to do," the account tweeted. "Enjoy it babes."

Interested Investors

The hilarious pitch seems to have been spurred on by some random guy who claims to be in "event tech" and who tweeted his predictions for Partiful's future as a for-profit venture given that it currently, in his words, has "too many competitors to charge or run ads."

"My guess is it will be purchased by a large alcohol/party brand," the random tweeted.

The joke appears to be on that guy, however, because the responses to the bold, zillennial-minded avowal were overwhelmingly positive and even included some investment interest.

"[I don't care] if this is a joke or not," tweeted investor Ben Trinh, "I now will only use [P]artiful for party planning going forward."

"This is the marketing love language I speak," another user posted. "Party on babes."

Not everyone's as stoked by the admission, however. In another post, a user suggested that Partiful is the "Moviepass of fun," referencing the movie theater subscription service that went belly-up in 2018 and is currently trying to make an attempt at a comeback.

It's no secret that in the post-COVID lockdown world, the house party is back in a big way. Leave it to a youthful group of app creators who just got their very first intern to capitalize upon the resurgent party culture while admitting, with sarcastic aplomb, that money isn't everything.

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