The suit alleges that the FCC is ignoring information that cell phone radiation is “associated with severe health effects in humans.”

Update Required

The Federal Communication Commission keeps ignoring new evidence that cell phones and other telecommunication devices can harm human health — at least, that's according to a nonprofit called the Environmental Health Trust.

To that end, the EHT has now filed a lawsuit against the FCC in an attempt to force it to reconsider how it regulates the telecom industry.

Damning Evidence

There's no shortage of evidence linking telecom devices to health problems in humans, according to the EHT's attorney Edward Myers.

"This evidence includes numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies showing that radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers and transmitters is associated with severe health effects in humans," he told Law & Crime, "including cancer, DNA damage, damage to the reproductive organs, and brain damage (including memory problems)."

Safety First

While the EHT seems convinced that cells phones harm human health — and that the evidence supports this conviction — the jury is still out for the scientific community at large.

The American Cancer Society, for one, said that studies on whether cell phones cause tumors have had "mixed results." The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meanwhile, wrote in 2017 that "the weight of scientific evidence has not linked cell phones with any health problems."

Still, with 96 percent of Americans now owning cell phones, it's vital that the FCC at least consider all credible evidence on the potential health impacts of the devices.

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