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Terrifying Netflix Trailer Skewers The Horror of Algorithmic Love

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Finding your soulmate is a difficult task. But what if technology progresses to the point where an artificial intelligence, paired with an app, can take care of it for you?

That’s the future Netflix’s dystopian new show “Osmosis” is imagining in a trailer that dropped today. The French production was greenlit by Netflix back in 2017, with showrunner Audrey Fouché from hit dystopian series “Les Revenants” — and it looks like a terrifying vision of what would happen when Tinder meets cutting-edge AI and biotech.

True Love

In the preview, Osmosis touts itself as a “revolutionary way to find your soulmate.” Test subjects are given a pill to swallow. An interactive, flashing tattoo on their wrist is presumably the interface with which the test subjects identify when they’ve found their match.

Then, judging by the trailer, things get dark. But the real horror, if Netflix’s “Black Mirror” is any indication, is probably less about the fictional world of the show and more of a self-critique — where we allow the algorithms of dating apps and ridiculous internet-connected gadgetry (“sex buttons” anybody?) do the hard work of finding a match for us.

Osmosis is scheduled for a March 29 release on Netflix.

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