We can barely contain our excitement over here.

Arte-misty Eyed

NASA just dropped new graphics in the wake of its crew announcement for the Artemis II mission to the Moon and, reader, they're so freakin' lit.

The image assets that feature a melting moonwalker and a close-up shot of the very badass-looking spacesuit's helmet paired are, it seems, part of NASA's campaign to promote this historic lunar mission — which, as the graphics note, is "for all humanity."

Just a few days prior to releasing the gorgeous posters — or smartphone backgrounds, if you're fancy — NASA took another giant leap when announcing the names of the four astronauts who'll be abord the first crewed mission to the Moon in more than 50 years: Americans Reid Wiseman, Christina Hammock Koch, and Victor Glover, along with Canadian Jeremy Hansen.

Herding Astronauts

Interestingly enough, a recent New York Times article revealed that it was surprisingly difficult to announce to these lucky astronauts that they'd be heading to the Moon because, in a "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-style turn of events, trying to get them all together to reveal the honor was akin to herding cats.

Indeed, all three Americans ended up texting their boss Joseph Acaba, the chief of NASA's astronaut office, that they were going to be late to what ended up being their surprise party, with at least one of them asking if they could attend the "meeting" virtually.

"They were a little bit late," Acaba told the NYT. "And luckily, I didn't want to change my mind."

While the announcement of these fantastic four is indeed super exciting, it's worth noting that their maiden voyage that's currently scheduled for November 2024 will not be to the lunar surface itself, but a fly-by of sorts in which they will encircle our closest heavenly body before coming back down to Earth.

American boots should be on the ground of the Moon, however, by the end of 2025 per current estimates — and while we wait for these exhilarating missions to launch, at least we have some awesome new phone backgrounds.

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