That wasn't his only exciting prediction for the 21st century, either.

New Physics

A major goal of modern physics is to discover a "theory of everything," a single theory that would explain the physics of the entire universe, everything from dark matter to quantum mechanics.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku is one of the scientists attempting to unearth this groundbreaking theory, and this week he said he expects scientists will lock it down by the year 2100 — an exciting prediction that, if proven true, means a new era is physics is mere decades away.

Mark Your Calendar

On Tuesday, Kaku participated in an "Ask Me Anything" discussion. One commenter asked him to share what he thinks will be "the most fascinating thing we might be able to see in our lifetime?"

The physicist's response: "I think in this century (not necessarily in our lifetime)... the 'theory of everything' will be proven."

Excitement Ahead

That wasn't the noted physicist's only prediction for the 21st century, either. He also told the commenter that he expects we'll establish a brain-net, send a ship to the stars, uncover the genes that control aging, and detect signals from an alien civilization by 2100.

If he's correct, it looks like the next 80-plus years are going to be packed with exciting breakthroughs.

Editor's note 4/25: this story has been updated to correct an inaccurate date.

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