"McDonald's, I'm done. We're done."

Fries With That?

There's arguably nothing more American than picking up a McDonald's order at the drive-thru.

But that simple act might be about to get a lot more difficult — thanks to the cost-cutting magic of AI.

The fast food chain, alongside other franchises including Sonic and Chipotle, has been trying out AI-powered voice assistants at their drive-thru lanes since at least 2019 — with often hysterical results, it turns out.

Now, customers on TikTok are sharing their horrendous experiences with the half-baked AI chatbots, Insider reports, ending up with random packets of butter or ketchup in their order.

We're Done

It's a pertinent topic in the age of flawed AI chatbots quickly becoming a widespread yet annoying part of everyday life.

One particularly disgruntled customer uploaded a video titled "fighting with McDonald's robot," failing to remove a caramel ice cream from her order despite minutes of back-and-forth.

"McDonald's, I'm done," she said, leaving the drive-thru lane. "We're done."

Another customer ended up with over $250 worth of chicken McNuggets, dissolving in a pool of snorting and hysterical laughter while shouting "stop!" at McDonald's ruthless AI.

A different TikToker discovered that a customer at the drive-thru checkout lane right next to them managed to inadvertently add a diet Coke to their own order — which turned into nine sweet teas when they attempted to correct the issue.

Fast Food

The technology is clearly making a poor case for its own existence. To companies like McDonald's, however, it's a tantalizing way of replacing human workers with robots amid severe labor shortages.

In fact, McDonald's is aiming to replace even more human workers in the near future. Last year, it replaced workers with conveyor belts that deliver orders straight to the customer, a dystopian glimpse into the future of fast food.

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