Wake up babe, a new cringey Zuckerberg avatar just dropped.


Meta-formerly-Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled his new avatar for the company's bespoke Metaverse — and unfortunately for him, it still looks like total crap.

During the company's annual virtual reality conference, Zuckerberg unveiled his updated avatar — and let's just say it still looks like something out of a video game from decades ago.

To be fair, his avatar does have legs now, which isn't exactly setting the bar very high.

The creepy, legless avatars have garnered the company plenty of mockery online, which, according to the New York Times, "frustrated" Zuckerberg so much that he had his new bipedal avatar fast-tracked.

Money Walks

Despite reportedly spending $10 billion over the last year to flesh out its take on the metaverse, Meta still doesn't have much to show as far as its Horizon Worlds avatars are concerned.

The newly-legged avatars still look like awkward video game characters from eons ago — and crappy ones at that, as many netizens have pointed out since the announcement.

"It's really funny that each time the internet bullies Zuckerberg over his avatar he rebuilds his metaverse from the ground up just to make a new avatar only to get bullied again," one user tweeted.

Another went further, saying that it's hilarious that the company spent so much "solely on trying to make Zuckerberg’s avatar not look like he deserves a metaswirlie."

Jokes aside, this latest update to the Facebook Metaverse debacle is an all-too-salient reminder of how far a tech billionaire like Zuckerberg will go — and how much he will spend — to get what he wants, despite all of the mockery.

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