It's literally called "Unreal Margot."

Definitely Deepfaked

Maybe it's Margot Robbie, maybe it's a deepfake.

Nah — the videos that a weird TikTok account literally named "Unreal Margot," are posting are absolutely deepfakes, not real clips of the "Suicide Squad" star best known for playing Harley Quinn. The account's bio even includes the word "parody," but that doesn't mean the people watching have caught on.

One video of Robbie recreating one of the app's viral trends shows her holding wine and two glasses while doing a little dance and sashaying away. It's racked up more than 17 million views and thousands of adoring comments from folks who've been fooled.

"You are an absolute doll," one apparent fan commented under the post.

Other viewers were more astute, and the top comment currently points out the fraud.


It's not surprising people aren't super great at recognizing deepfakes.

A 2021 PetaPixel report found that AI deepfake detectors can still be bypassed, and in 2019 Uk doctors said in a study that almost 75 percent of the British public had never even heard of a deepfake before. Just this week some fans thought Paris Hilton and Tom Cruise were dating because of a convincing deepfake posted online.

On the flip side and just as bad, fans of online entertainment stars and singers are becoming ever more prone to create conspiracy conspiracies when their beloved celebs don't act the way they want them to. It's so bad, in fact, that TikTok'ers reported a therapist to the Chinese government in a dangerous and deranged display of fandom.

With that kind of online energy, deepfakes and conspiracy theories are likely to get more convincing and ever more dangerous unless something changes.

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