"Did you try and hit it with a hammer?"

Missing Missile

A man made a disturbing discovery while walking down a beach in Sampson State Park, around 250 miles northwest of New York City.

Tyler Davis came across a torpedo-shaped object that had an "unsettling" blinking light, as the Miami Herald reports, a terrifying find that fortunately had a non-explosive ending.

"Well I think I stumbled upon a torpedo maybe?" Davis wrote in a Facebook post over the weekend, as quoted by the newspaper.

"Did you try and hit it with a hammer?" one particularly daring user wrote in the comments.

Dummy Sub

As it turns out, Davis was never at risk of triggering a blast.

"The thought of taking it definitely popped up, but with it still working and blinking I wanted to return it," he told the Miami Herald.

After examining the torpedo for details, he found a phone number. After leaving a message, he finally got a call that solved the mystery once and for all.

The terrifying-looking device belonged to the US military's nearby Seneca Lake Sonar Test Facility, Davis told the newspaper. It wasn't an active weapon, but a training device, which acts as a dummy submarine so that sailors can "train their detection, tracking and weapon employment skills," according to the Navy's website.

"When I was finally contacted they thanked me... and had me pinpoint it on a map so they could retrieve it," Davis told the Miami Herald.

"They said after its course, they return to the surface and get collected but this one escaped," he added.

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