The company says it's taking the matter very seriously.

Getting Sauced

It’s not unusual to head to happy hour after work to kick back with a few drinks — but your boss probably wouldn’t like it if you were kicking back during work hours. Your boss especially wouldn’t like it if your work involved building one of the most highly-classified jets in the world. 

That’s the situation Boeing has found itself in after two empty miniature bottles of tequila were discovered on one of the company’s new Air Force One planes, anonymous sources told The Wall Street Journal. It’s still unclear where exactly on the plane the bottles were discovered or how they got there. However, the sources said that Boeing is treating the matter very seriously.

That makes sense. After all, you would hope that the folks building what’s commonly thought of as the White House of the skies are sober while they do it. 

Troubling Trends

A spokesperson for the aeronautics company described the issue as a personnel matter and said that Boeing is working to improve its manufacturing quality. Neither the White House nor the US Air Force has commented on the situation. 

According to WSJ, this is a part of an odd trend with Boeing. The company has had several notable incidents in which tools, debris, and rags from the factory have been left on their aircraft. Air Force officials have even complained in the past of the amount of factory debris in military air tankers. 

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