Who could ever have expected this?

Crypto Trap

The shills are alive with the sound of crypto, apparently.

As Motherboard reports, a spreadsheet circulating showing the apparent "shill prices" for celebrities, athletes, and influencers to promote crypto and NFTs may only be partially accurate — but it does paint a jarring portrait of the industry at large.

The list, which was posted to Twitter by independent scam researcher ZachXBT, purports to show how much Lindsay Lohan, along with a ton of lesser celebrities and fringe influencers with names like "Wealthy Brains" and "Crypto Bully Tony," take to promote NFTs, obscure coins, and other various accoutrements of the web3 sphere.

Vet Tech

According to Motherboard, some of the influencers on the list — such as an account called "Stock Market Hats" — confirmed that their listed rates were accurate, while others said the rates were wrong but they did take money to, in their choice of words, "shill" crypto. Stock Market Hats also told Motherboard that although they always use the #ad hashtag to denote paid promotion, they don't always dig deep into what they're paid to shill.

"I really don’t know much about crypto," the account told Motherboard, "and I vet by what looks legit from a far away view because I have no involvement in these projects behind the scenes."


Per ZachXBT's list, which the researcher says comes from a "marketing firm" whose name they didn't disclose to Motherboard, Lohan purportedly charges $25,000 per handcrafted "shill tweet," $20,000 per retweet, and $35,000 for "package deals" which, as the website notes, generally consist of a mix of original and retweeted content. Futurism has reached out to Lohan's management for comment.

Like any list of supposed pay rates, this latest "crypto shill" document should be taken with a grain of salt. But with the knowledge that at least some of the listed rates are accurate, it absolutely reinforces the impression that the cryptosphere is, by and large, just one big grift.

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