The Italian millionaire isn't happy about having his persona allegedly stolen.

Mr. Enjoy

Gianluca "Mr. Enjoy" Vacchi is an Italian millionaire whose YOLO attitude — and, let's be honest, silver fox good looks — have earned him an Instagram following of nearly 12 million people.

Now, "the coolest man on Instagram" is asserting that a character featured in a 2017 E*Trade commercial is "essentially a clone" of the persona he's cultivated online, leading him to file a lawsuit against the finance company for copyright infringement — a strange example of social media's impact on the legal world.

Clone Guy

According to Vacchi's multi-million dollar complaint, which was filed in a New York court on April 19:

E*Trade created, produced, and published a certain commercial containing a character that is essentially a clone of Vacchi, dancing with women on a boat while DJ’ing: conduct that based upon numerous YouTube videos, photographs, and music videos created and published by Vacchi, has become synonymous with the image and persona created by Vacchi.

It's hard to deny the resemblance between the man in the E*Trade video and Mr. Enjoy. But "clone" might be pushing it — the man in the video clearly hasn't spent as much time at the gym as Vacchi.

For now, we'll just have to wait to see what the court thinks about this strange case of the fashionista/DJ/Instagram influencer vs. the company who's most famous advertising campaign featured a talking baby.

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