"This car looks like a garbage truck."

Cyber Gaga

International pop sensation Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta was spotted this week popping by the local Whole Foods in a Tesla Cybertruck.

It's unclear if the truck belongs to her or her long-time boyfriend, entrepreneur Michael Polansky. Photos show her getting into the truck from the passenger side, suggesting she wasn't driving.

Users on X-formerly-Twitter were taken aback by the bizarre-looking truck.

"This car looks like a garbage truck," one user replied.

"Oh she's rich RICH," another user wrote, referring to the truck's hefty price tag.

Tesla Mother

The sighting underlines the sheer amount of buzz the divisive truck has gotten. Last month, pop star and producer Pharrell Williams was spotted driving a Cybertruck to a Louis Vuitton store in Miami — but had to abandon it after hilariously failing to parallel park.

Tesla's extremely polarizing truck was met with some seriously mixed reviews when it finally started rolling out to customers late last year, from a less-than-stellar range to a stainless steel exterior that appears to already be corroding.

But its exotic design, a unique, polygonal wedge shape, has clearly drawn plenty of attention as well, making it a status symbol for those who had enough clout to get their hands on one early — as Teslarati pointed out last month, Williams was the first celebrity seen driving the vehicle after it was released.

And Lady Gaga is only the latest in a growing list of A-listers who've been spotted driving a Cybertruck, including Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian and his wife, tennis legend Serena Williams.

From a purely marketing perspective, prioritizing celebrities in the rollout of a vehicle makes a ton of sense. It's clearly an important part of Tesla's strategy.

Besides, do rusty side panels and disappointing battery performance really matter when you've got Lady Gaga driving the thing to Whole Foods?

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