If you’re not willing to turn your remains into a brick, are you even a real fan?

Hall of the Dead

The KLF, a pop group from the 80s and 90s, want your bodies. More specifically, they want you to agree to mail them a brick stuffed your cremated remains so they can build a giant pyramid, far in the future.

Pitchfork reports that the band, which reunited last year, is selling $126 bricks with the slogan “buy now, die later.” Customers — or their loved ones — are supposed to return them to the band with cremated remains piled inside.

They'll call the grim ziggurat the "People's Pyramid." It may sound off-putting, but what else were you going to do with your ashes? Scatter them like a nerd?

House of 35,000 Corpses

The band hopes that it’ll enlist exactly 34,592 people to send their remains — that’s how many bricks will be required to complete the pyramid.

Pitchfork reported that construction will begin November 23, at a ceremony called the "Toxteth Day Of The Dead" in Liverpool. According to a blog called the Quietus, the Toxteth Day Of The Dead is an annual celebration held by people who call themselves the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, all of which seems to have been created by the KLF.

Reality Check

We have so many questions, like how The KLF plans to store the dead-human-bricks. What will the local government say, and has The KLF done the paperwork that’s presumably necessary to build this modern-day necropolis?

We at Futurism aren’t sure we’ll ever learn the answers, but we invite you to join us in being delightfully baffled at this whole spectacle.

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