Finally, a landlord we can all root for.

Strike Out

Twitter's Colorado HQ looks like it's kaput.

Following defaults on rent, court documents reveal that on May 31, a judge for Boulder County's district court called for law enforcement to kick the Elon Musk-owned social media company out of its Boulder offices, The Denver Post reports.

It's a bad look for the extremely anti-remote-work Musk, who probably could've saved a lot of money if he'd just let at least one or two of Twitter's properties go — as opposed, of course, to rolling out miserably unprofitable new subscription features on his crumbling app while rent-dodging and forcing his employees to work in smelly, janitor-less buildings.

Hearing Crickets

According to the Denver Post, the court documents indicate that Twitter's now-former landlord officially filed an official complaint against the social media firm — which moved into four suites in the building in question back in 2020 — on May 13, after months of unanswered calls to cough up a rent check.

It's unclear when Twitter first defaulted, but according to the report, court documents say that after it failed to respond to at least one default notice, the landlord turned to a "letter of credit deposited by Twitter for $968,000." But that line of credit ran dry at the end of March, and on April 4, the landlord reportedly asked Twitter to restock it.

Weeks later, on April 28, the landlord finally gave Musk and his platform an ultimatum: cough up or forfeit the offices. Per the report, Twitter once again failed to respond. And when the return date of the summons finally came, no one from Twitter even bothered to show up, let alone send any answers.

More Where That Came From

It's worth noting that this far from the first time Musk has stiffed Twitter's vendors. At the time of a Bloomberg report published last month, Musk owed roughly $10 million to various corporate contractors, many of which noted that they relied on their Twitter contracts to support themselves as smaller businesses.

It's not often that you cheer for a landlord, but in this case, we gotta hand it to him. Getting a judge to evict a company owned by the world's richest conspiracy theorist by way of police force is impressive, and here certainly seems more than warranted. Here's hoping that everyone else waiting for their Twitter checks gets their day in the Sun, too.

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