You'll be able to instantly change your car's entire interior.

Body Work

British automaker Jaguar is working on coating the entire interior of Land Rovers with smart, color-changing, interactive screens. The tech could not only make future electric cars more customizable than ever, but could also save weight for a better range.

"Healthcare, aerospace, consumer technology and military industries are already harnessing the benefits of structural electronics and our research is leading the way in the automotive sector by bringing it into the cabin for the first time," said Land Rover Electrical Research Technical Manager Ashutosh Tomar in a press release.

Mona LESA Overdriver

The Lightweight Electronics in Simplified Architecture (LESA) project takes advantage of existing printable electronics technology already used in flexible OLED TVs, according to the press release.

Jaguar envisions these smart panels to enable things like "customizable interior ambient lighting systems, body controls, wraparound button-less dashboards and advanced fabric/leather heated steering wheels," according to the release.

Reducing Weight

The idea is also to reduce the weight of in-car electronics, allowing for more circuitry to be used in future electric cars without affecting their range too much.

So far, the carmaker has built a control panel prototype — but what exact purpose it fulfills or when it will make its way to production vehicles is still unclear.

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