What's the Italian for "hentai"?

Mamma Mia

In the era of COVID-19, governments conducting their business over Zoom is par for the course — and, naturally, so is Zoom-bombing porn into them.

As Kotaku and others reported, the Italian Senate was holding a meeting in which experts were presenting data on transparency in civil service — the kind of boring, everyday video meeting that's practically begging to be spiced up with a bit of hentai-bombing.

Just as Novel Laureate Giorgio Parisi, a physicist, was about to be introduced to the governmental body, someone hijacked the call and began streaming an unofficial Final Fantasy VII porno featuring character Tifa Lockhart and, reportedly, an unidentified male character having sex.

La Dolce Vita

The hentai hijacking wasn't fixed that quickly either — according to those who've watched a recording of the incident, the spectacle lasted nearly 30 seconds before someone figured out how to regain control of the Zoom room.

In an interview with the Italian ANSA news wire, Senator Maria Laura Mantovani said she'd filed a report with postal police (which, apparently, is the chain of custody this case would take over there) and hoped that the hijackers would be punished. She was also reportedly heard saying as much during the incident, PC Gamer noted.

Because this incredible debacle couldn't end there, there is, indeed, more: the meeting was apparently being livestreamed over the Italian equivalent of C-SPAN, meaning the types of nerds who watch government meeting TV likely got more than they bargained for when deciding to watch this otherwise routine presentation.

There have been lots of funny Zoom-scapades over the last two years of pandemic, but this one seems to take the cake.

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