This Iranian space suit is a real bargain.

Costume Party

Iran's Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi uploaded an image to Twitter last week with the caption "astronaut costume #bright_future."

But users were quick to point out that the alleged space suit was actually a $20 Halloween costume, sold by online retailers including Amazon and Walmart.

Work in Progress

The smoking gun is what appears to be two outlines — one rectangular and one round, on the chest area of the suit — that perfectly align with two fake NASA patches found on the children's costume, The Drive points out.

After being founded in 2004, Iran's space agency has launched a number of satellites into orbit over the last decade — but has yet to send any astronauts into space.

Iranian Propaganda

The preposterous tweet feels reminiscent of previous attempts by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Crops, a paramilitary militia, to pass off a "Qaher 313" stealth fighter" mockup as the real thing — there's still no evidence it can actually fly, despite unconvincing video footage of a test flight involving a small-scale drone, The National Interest reported in October.

The militia even claimed to have developed, or helped develop, the US Space Shuttle in a recently erected billboard, according to The Drive.

It's a tough era for Iran's space efforts. An Iranian satellite Zafar 1 failed to reach a high enough speed on Sunday to enter orbit after liftoff, as reports.

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