People are definitely going to buy into this.

Seems Legit

A satirical new app called "Bull and Moon" is here to recommend buying stocks that are compatible with your astrological sign, The Verge reports.

The recommendations from the app, which to be clear is 100 percent a prank, are pretty funny — they read like the financial version of a run-of-the-mill astrology app describing which signs are romantically compatible. But they also illustrate just how much astrological — and financial — nonsense gets passed off as real advice.

Stars Align

Bull and Moon is the latest project from MSCHF, the same group that made a tool to help students cheat on their homework and a chrome extension that makes Netflix look like part of a conference call.

The app recommended that a Scorpio Futurism employee buy into companies that were founded on dates that made them water signs. Pisces corporations, for instance, earned a high "compatibility score," even if their financial prospects earned them a drastically lower "analyst rating" score.

It's fun to play around in the app and learn about what your cosmos-determined "investor profile" is like — again, it's the usual astrological nonsense, but about money instead of personal relationships. But please, please remember that it's all a joke before you spend any money.

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