Also on the agenda: geoengineering, drag queens, and the "benefits of starvation."

Weird Science

On Tuesday, the Founders Fund — a Silicon Valley venture capital firm known for being one of Facebook's earliest investors — announced the creation of a new conference called Hereticon.

Another conference. Big deal, right?

But what sets Hereticon apart from countless other conferences is the list of topics up for discussion — according to the announcement, the "heretics" and "troublemakers" in attendance will explore everything from UFOs and doomsday prepping to immortality and the "benefits of starvation."

The Anti-Conference

The announcement positions Hereticon as something of an anti-conference, encouraging readers to "imagine a conference for people banned from other conferences."

Attendees will purportedly include "many of our culture’s most important troublemakers in the fields of knowledge necessary to the progressive improvement of our civilization," the Founders Fund wrote, before listing the wide range of topics up for discussion.

Let's Talk

Hereticon will last for three days in May 2020, taking place at a to-be-determined venue in New Orleans. The event is invite-only, but members of the general public can apply for a spot via a link included in the announcement.

"A world without heretics is a world in decline, and in a declining civilization everything we value, from science and technology to prosperity and freedom, is in jeopardy," the Founders Fund wrote. "So let’s have a conversation."

Disclosure: The Thiel Foundation previously provided grant funding to Futurism’s parent company, Singularity University.

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