This is seriously impressive — and absolutely terrifying.

Knives Out

The father-and-son duo behind the YouTube channel Quint Builds came up with a weapon that's equal parts terrifying and awe-inspiring.

In a recent video, the pair collaborated on a laser-sighted, fully automatic, knife-throwing machine gun — and we're having a hard time deciding whether we should be impressed or run the other way.

Deadly Slinger

The construction of the knife gun was a long and arduous process, fraught with trial and error. The duo rigged up four servo motors attached to two belts to form two parallel knife-slinging mechanisms.

By running a 3D-printed, knife-wielding sled between the two belts and timing the top belt to move slightly faster, the team was able to both spin and launch the knives at just the right angle.

A clever electromagnetic system allowed for the knife to be released at just the right moment, spinning it around its own axis roughly 360 degrees to impale targets with a satisfying thud.

Zombies Beware

A LIDAR-powered knife reloading system is the cherry on top, allowing multiple knives to be shot at a target in quick succession.

"It's accurate enough I have to spread [the knives] out on the target so [they] don't hit each other," said Quint senior in the video.

So there we have it: a handheld death machine that could be the ultimate survival tool in a zombie apocalypse — or at least a great way to entertain friends.

We'll let you decide on that one.

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