Talk about a snowball's chance in hell!


Rest in pieces. On Sunday morning, a massive chunk of comet was spotted crashing into our fiery Sun — and unsurprisingly, video of the incident looks catastrophic for the ill-fated snowball.

According to, the Sun-diving incident was captured on camera by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. In the clip, the cosmic snowball is seen charging towards the colossal star — but sadly, it's fair to say the comet disintegrated inside the ultra-hot star.

"The doomed comet was almost certainly a 'Kreutz sungrazer,' a fragment from a giant comet that broke apart many centuries ago," astronomer Tony Phillips wrote for SpaceWeather."A swarm of these fragments orbits the sun, and every day at least one gets too close and disintegrates."


Our Sun's intense gravitational pull is the likely cause of this comet's death dive. Like Earth, comets orbit the Sun — but if they get too close to the star? The gravitational pull can become too strong to resist, leading comets like our ill-fated friend here to get swallowed whole.

As Phillips wrote for SpaceWeather, this actually happens all the time — although this particular comet was a bit bigger than your usual Sun-diving space snowball, so it grabbed a bit more attention. In any case: So long, good sir.

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