"Like getting wedgies [from] the anime club."

Shouted Down

Elon Musk most certainly has his fanboys — but it appears that he may have lost the gamers.

Musk was, as video from a tournament for the first person hero shooter Valorant shows, booed by a giant crowd of angry esports enthusiasts when he made a surprise appearance on their turf over the weekend.

As Insider notes, the owner of the social network formerly known as Twitter and one of his kids were spotted attending the Valorant tournament at Los Angeles' KIA Forum, which seats more than 17,000 people. A livestream of the conference's proceedings cut to the pair sitting in the audience, which apparently irritated the crowd surrounding them so badly that they began loudly booing — a sound that was captured on the stream's audio even after whoever was operating it cut back to the gameplay.

"Where is that from?" one of the tournament's commentators is heard saying in the stream snippet. "That can't be from in here, surely."

Boo You

It looks and sounds like the boos were indeed coming from inside the event, and people could be heard shouting "bring back Twitter" at the multi-hyphenate billionaire — and, of course, the jeers didn't end on the stream, either.

"Getting booed by Valorant players is like getting wedgies by the anime club in middle school," one X-formerly-Twitter user joked.

TV writer Mike Drucker quipped that Musk "desperately wants to be king of the nerds, but he keeps getting reminded he’s only king of the dorks." And perhaps the most brutal read came from Felix Biederman, one of the hosts of the popular Chapo Traphouse podcast.

"Almost every Valorant player was born in 2015, has never tasted water, and the only culture they consume outside of Valorant is those AI generated TikToks that are engineered to start a race war," Biederman posted. "If he can no longer impress this crowd, Tesla will not be here in 2 years."

It was, as they say in some gaming circles, an epic fail — but given that Musk is once again the richest person on Earth, we doubt the damage will be permanent as he cries his way to the bank.

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