The freelancer job board was also home to unlicensed private eyes.

$5 Spy Job

Fiverr, the freelancer's job board known for quick, cheap gigs and terrible subway ads, had a bit of a stalker problem.

People have been using the site to offer and commission spies, covert surveillance setups, and even unlicensed private investigators, Motherboard reports — suggesting that the internet's content moderation problem is increasingly growing beyond YouTube and Facebook, to other platforms and sometimes the offline world.

Side Hustles

Motherboard found people offering video surveillance services, people offering to install hidden GPS trackers on people's cars, and people offering to install illegal malware that tracks and monitors the infected computer.

"I have undetectable spyware to monitor your cheating spouse, staffs [sic] and kids gadgets," read one listing found by Motherboard, which offered a keystroke recorder for five dollars and password-stealing malware for $400.

While Fiverr told Motherboard about various ways it looks for inappropriate job listings, none of the illegal or otherwise unsettling gigs Motherboard pointed out had previously been flagged by the company.

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