"Well now, Wile E. Coyote has looked down and realized gravity does apply to him, too."


A former Twitter executive is sounding off on Elon Musk after the CEO bashed a disabled ex-employee on the platform.

In an interview with the UK's iNews, Bruce Daisley, who worked as the social network's VP for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa until 2020, bemoaned the way Twitter's current owner has tarnished the site, citing Musk's recent kerfuffle with former director Haraldur Thorliefsson, hurtful remarks Musk eventually apologized for.

"A big part of the way we think about our jobs is having a sense of pride about the job we do and where we work," Daisley, who now runs the podcast "Eat Sleep Work Repeat," told iNews. "The more Musk behaves like the local drunk — getting into slanging matches with disabled ex-employees — the less current employees will be proud to say they work there."

Disaster Artist

While he left the company years before Musk took over, Daisley nevertheless said he feels for his former coworkers who are still employed at Twitter under the billionaire's rule. Although many of them have likely left by this point — the site's staff has shrunk from more than 8,000 to less than 2,000 since Musk took over last fall.

Daisley doesn't seem to be alone, either.

"It’s a pressure cooker," a remaining Twitter staffer told the British news outlet on condition of anonymity. "There are no guidelines. There’s no respect. There’s absolutely zero transparency. It’s awful."

"It’s a disaster," another told iNews. "It looks like the owner is just throwing people into positions hoping they work out."

As for Daisley, he had a pretty astute metaphor to describe the situation at Twitter.

"It’s a little bit like the character in the cartoon who runs off the cliff but doesn’t fall straight away," the ex-exec said. "Initially a lot of commentators were willing to say that the Twitter business was full of slackers, Elon had fired 75 percent of the employees and it was still running."

"Well now Wile E. Coyote has looked down," Daisley concluded, "and realized gravity does apply to him, too."

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