Can you blame him?

Peace Out

A guy in Chile really hit the jackpot this week when his employer accidentally paid him 330 times his salary on accident.

An Insider report yesterday said authorities haven't released the man's name, but that he's been "uncontactable" and has basically disappeared. Meat factory CIAL Alimentos paid the man 165,398,851 Chilean pesos, or about $180,418, instead of the expected 500,000 Chilean pesos, or about $545, said local Chilean paper Diario Financiero.

After contacting HR and explaining the mistake, the employee promised to return to work the next day and sort the problem out, but he hasn't been seen since. He later offered a resignation letter to the company via an attorney.

CIAL Alimentos didn't respond to Insider's request for comment, but it did file a criminal complaint against the former employee.


To be honest it's pretty hard to blame the guy in this situation. It's reasonable to think his paycheck would've been for a two-week or even month-long pay period, and $545 USD is not a lot to live off of. While Chile is the fastest-growing Latin American country, it also has a ton of income inequality. Just like the US, many average folks struggle just to get by.

Maybe the ghosted employee feels like he's won the lottery, even though he was paid less than $200,000 USD. There's something to be said about a person who gets a comparatively small lump sum and disappears forever, and how much faith the man must have that he could ever be better off.

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