Bill Gates bought a Porsche. Elon Musk got frowny :(


When Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced that he had bought Porsche's Taycan electric car, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to disparage his fellow billionaire.

"My conversations with Gates have been underwhelming," Musk tweeted, in response to an account that had mused about why Gates had chosen a Porsche over a Tesla.

Context Collapse

As Bloomberg pointed out, Gates also praised Tesla during the same interview with YouTube personality Marques Brownlee.

“And certainly Tesla, if you had to name one company that’s helped drive [change in the auto industry], it’s them,” Gates said during the appearance.

Range Anxiety

But Musk seemingly took umbrage at Gates' complaint, during the same interview, that electric cars still have limited range compared to gas-powered ones.

He does seem cautiously optimistic about the Taycan, though, tweeting in September of last year that it "does seem like a good car."

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