Yes, really.

Idiot Box

X, formerly Twitter, is launching a separate TV app to watch videos uploaded by users, in what is another step towards Elon Musk's vision of expanding the platform past its original text-based roots.

An official release date hasn't been shared. But in an announcement made on Tuesday, CEO Linda Yaccarino — who, in a similar vein to Musk, champions X as a "video first" platform — vaguely confirmed that it was coming "soon," as it's still being built.

Based on her description and a brief video teaser she shared, the X TV App — or X Video app, what are we doing here? — looks and functions a lot like a YouTube knockoff.

"This will be your go-to companion for a high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen," Yaccarino wrote on X.

Screen to Screen

There's a fair bit of jargon Yaccarino has teased about the app. None of it is particularly spellbinding.

Like YouTube and many other video platforms, the upcoming X app will let users cast videos from their phone screens to TV screens.

It also proudly boasts "AI-powered topics," which allows you to "organize videos by subject for a personalized experience," Yaccarino said.

According to a note sent to company partners obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, it supposedly will have one noteworthy upside: no ads — at least at launch.

"We're focusing on launching this new feature for consumers first, but we do plan to monetize it, and will discuss different forms of partnerships — and that may include ads," the note said.

All or Nothing

This TV push should come as no surprise. Musk has been obsessed with turning X into an "everything app," a fantasy of his that may also see the platform become a payment app and even a dating app.

But it's video that overlaps the most neatly with his dislike of mainstream media and upholding so-called "citizen journalism." It's no accident that Tucker Carlson, who was ousted from Fox News, has his show prominently featured in the TV app's teaser.

If Musk and Yaccarino want X to be a "video first" platform, they've got their work cut out for them. It's never been known for its great video quality, and the vast majority of users can't upload anything much longer than two minutes. But hey: at least now you'll be able to watch all the garbage on there on the big screen, right?

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