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Elon Musk Joins Call to Free Britney Spears

byTony Tran
Jul 5
Tesla / Futurism

It’s the first time he’s voiced support for the pop star’s plight.

Free Britney

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning to voice his support for pop icon Britney Spears in the wake of her tragic testimony regarding her conservatorship and abuse at the hands of her father.

“Free Britney,” Musk said in a refreshingly considerate tweet.

The SpaceX founder might have been at least somewhat influenced by his wife and fellow pop star Clair Elise Bouche (aka Grimes), who replied to his tweet with a simple, “Thank u [sic].”


“I Am Traumatized.”

Musk joined a chorus of support for Spears following her testimony on June 23.

The “Toxic” singer spoke out against her conservatorship, a contractual agreement that began in 2008. Under this type of agreement, a guardian is appointed to manage the financial and personal affairs of someone who might not be able to due to factors such as mental illness or dementia. 

Spears has decried the agreement for excessively limiting her freedom and control over basic facets of her life such as her finances, mental and physical health, and even her ability to have a child.


“I’ve been in denial; I’ve been in shock; I am traumatized,” Spears said in her harrowing 24-minute testimony, as quoted by The New York Times. “I just want my life back.”

She continued, “I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive. I don’t feel like I can live a full life.”

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