Smote GOAT

A bunch of crypto-pilled Elon Musk fans spent $600,000 to build a giant statue that features the new Twitter czar's head on a goat's body, riding a rocket — and their coin crashed after they took the grotesque work of "art" public.

Over the holiday weekend, the great minds behind the Elon Goat Token — an in-your-face homage to the man they consider to be the "Greatest of All Time," or GOAT — decided to unleash upon the streets of Austin, Texas their metallic Frankenstein's monster: a bizarre behemoth that's supposedly the face of Musk on a goat's body, but that looks a lot more like if the owner of Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter was grafted onto Dune's infamous shai hulud sandworms.

Insult to Injury

As commentators have noted, Musk himself hasn't yet acknowledged the bizarre homage in any way — but the crypto markets sure have.

Indeed, the price of the already-low-value coin has plummeted dramatically since November 26, which was the day the coin's makers held their "#GOATsgiving" unveiling and drive-by of the statue.

As of right now, the Elon Goat Token is worth a very small fraction of a cent, though again, it wasn't worth all that much more at its Thanksgiving Day high, which totaled about $0.002 per coin.

The whereabouts of the strange statue haven't been reported since Saturday, when it was "delivered" to Tesla's Austin Gigafactory. Whether the new Twitter owner has seen it or not is anyone's guess.

Is this the last gasp of the crypto hype machine? Only time will tell.

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